When considering how to keep your landscape looking good, maintenance is the first thing to come to mind. Making sure the grass is cut, the trees are trimmed, and flowers are watered. However, the next thing you might think is that your landscape has become boring. This may be because you have not updated it in a while. Landscape enhancements are essential to keeping a property exciting, but there are so many options that it can become confusing. Everything from adding annuals and a new patio is sure to cross your mind. However, there is one enhancement we think you should put at the top of your list. Here are 3 advantages of adding decorative rock to your landscape. 

3 Advantages of Adding Decorative Rock to Your LandscapeDurable and Low Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of installing any hardscape is that it is sure to stand the test of time. Sure, rocks might be dislodged, or get dirty, but they will always stay intact. The most they will need is a spray with the hose, compared to a green installation that might need to be cut or watered on a routine basis. They will never need to be replaced unless you have the urge to switch up the aesthetic, and you have so many initial options we are sure you will find the right rock the first time around. This is all ignoring the fact that the installation itself is simple and easy, possibly being done DIY. They just need to be dumped out and evened out to start doing their job. 

Alternative to Mulch: Same Benefits

Another one of the benefits that partly stems from our previous section is that you can use a decorative rock to replace mulch as the base layer of plant beds. Besides decomposing and adding organic matter to your soil over time, the decorative rock will offer all the same benefits. It will insulate the soil, keeping a consistent temperature whether it be extremely hot or cold. Decorative rock will also keep out weeds and pests, preventing them from spreading to your plant material. It will also prevent soil erosion, as water runoff will run through the rocks rather than picking up the soil on its way out. Unlike mulch, it will not need to be replaced every two years, and might just look better overall. 

Affordable for Alldecorative rock

At the end of the day no matter the type of rock you select, or its color, shape, and size, it is still a rock. It will come with a price point that a rock deserves, and falls on the cheaper side of landscape installations. You can get the benefits of adding what seems to be an aesthetically pleasing, complex design for the price of, well, rocks. Obviously, there are more expensive and less expensive options, but you will not typically downgrade in quality if you choose a cheaper stone. It becomes more about the rarity of the particular rock rather than its actual performance in your landscape.

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