For those properties looking to be at the top of their game, attracting only the finest clientele, and presenting a property full of luxury and intrigue, landscaping must be on point. This means that there must always be something new and exciting, never letting features get old. Annual flower rotation is one way to keep on top of this, rotating annual flowers each season to maintain a consistent splash of color. These flowers only bloom during one season of the year which makes for easy replacement and the ability to match plant material to each season and time of the year. Appealing to just about any landscape, annual flowers provide a unique burst of color, not quite found in other types. With that in mind here are six popular annual flowers for your Maryland landscape.

Annual Wax Begonia FlowerWax Begonia

These annual flowers are fantastic for the full sun, coming in bright shades of red, pink, or white. Typically blooming for the majority of the summer, some of that color will also trickle into the fall. Growing anywhere from six to eight inches tall, they also need to be planted about that distance away from each other. Very low maintenance and landscape friendly, they make a great choice.

LantanaMaryland Annual Lantana flower

Starting our list off with easy-to-grow species, Lantana is no different. They come in all sorts of colors, from white to orange. Growing 2 to 3 feet tall, they also attract local wildlife, including butterflies. This is one of the most low maintenance annuals, as the plant is very hardy in heat, drought, or cold. Blooming in the summer, this is great for that summertime color.


One of the most common names on this list, it will be recognized by even non-gardeners. Smelling fantastic, they are easily acquired in their classic purple color, which comes out in the summer. Loving the sun that comes along with the season, Lavender also attracts bees and butterflies. Make sure your soil is well-drained for maximum growth, which can be expected to be anywhere from 1 to 3 feet in height.

HydrangeaAnnual Hydrangea Flower

Another low maintenance summer annual for our list, these flowers grow in nearly every condition from hot to cold. There are a ton of different varieties, so you can find a shape, size, and color that suits your specific property. Unlike many other annuals, these will actually re-bloom every year if taken care of properly.

Annual Petunia FlowersPetunia

For a bloom in late spring that will ride through summer, Petunia may be the Annual for you. As it is such a large species, this is another flower where you can get creative in your selection of various varieties. Extremely low maintenance, and not requiring sun or shade, these will grow anywhere.

AlyssumAnnual Alyssum Flower

Switching it up for our last selection, this plant is grown as ground cover. It spreads its wings along the floor of your landscape, taking up empty space. This is a cold-tolerant plant, so unlike the rest of the list, it will bloom during the cooler parts of the year. It is also a neutral pest deterrent due to its smell, just an added benefit.


No matter the annual you select for your Maryland landscape, make sure to check the plant hardiness zone of your local area to ensure you are selecting the proper variety.


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