Every year lawns and landscapes across America face a variety of threats, from pests to disease. Changes in weather can take a toll, and affect the services needed from your landscaper. However, recently there has been a new, and extremely deadly threat in our area that you need to know about. This is not a typical pest that you may think of: grubs, chinch bugs, or the like. Although they have never been an issue in the past, Armyworms are killing lawns and turf like we have never seen before. As a homeowner or property manager in the area, you need to be aware of this threat, so you can do whatever you can to prevent it. We will discuss everything you need to know about Armyworms, and what they can do to your property.

Armyworm on green leaf. Armyworms: What Are They?

The name of this pest is very misleading, as they are actually just the larvae of the Armyworm moth. Seeing them in the Maryland area during this time of year is very peculiar, as their usual food of choice are crops, such as grain. They do well in warmer weather, and typically journey across the country through the year, from east to west. This journey is taken on as a group, which is where the “army” nickname comes into play. Residents of Maryland should be surprised to deal with this issue, as they are new to the area.

Armyworms: The Threat

Technically, Armyworms are not actually an invasive species at all. However, do not let this fool you as these pests are some of the most deadly you will ever encounter. They eat and kill your turf, while simultaneously burrowing beneath the ground, and pupating. This process leaves little white eggs all around your property, ready to hatch more Armyworms. Where they become a real threat, is the speed in which they are able to kill your lawn. It can be done in a matter of days, before you have a chance to take any action. This is a serious issue, as that small brown patch can turn into a brown lawn faster than you think.

Signs of an Issue: Before the Battle

One of the most important pieces of information to have available at this time, are the signs of an Armyworm infestation. It is extremely hard to catch, but if you do early enough, some damage may be prevented. The telltale sign is large brown patches quickly appearing in your turf. Now, if you are engaging in all of the proper lawn maintenance you should be, you will know that this is an external problem. If you are a client of OakLawn, we will be constantly on the lookout for signs of an infestation as well.

What to Do: Treatment Options

Unfortunately for local residents, Armyworms are typically going to be too far gone to be treated through any typical pest control methods. Additionally, if your lawn has been killed, it is going to be time to renovate. What can be done is consistent monitoring of your lawn, by our technicians, and you, the homeowner. If treatment is required, a pesticide application can be done. The sad reality is that if your lawn is killed by this pest, there is no going back. However, when working with OakLawn, diligence is key, and you will always be taken care of. We will do everything we can to prevent the damage, and want to make you aware of this new threat.

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