When you think of commercial property types, there are many obvious categories that come to mind. Office parks are prominent, as are medical and senior living facilities. Just like all of the aforementioned properties, industrial locations also need landscape maintenance. However, one of the commercial property types that are often overlooked is very different in nature. Homeowners Associations or HOA’s are just large complexes of residential properties that collectively pay to have their neighborhood serviced in a variety of ways. Landscaping is one of those services, and we provide them to a few different areas in HOA’s. With that, we have been able to gather experiences and learn the best tips and tricks. We want to offer some behind-the-scenes advice on HOA landscape care.


Enhancements that Families Love

It is no secret that a big reason that HOA’s prioritize landscaping is that they want to maintain a positive image of their neighborhood. This is to both maintain their current residents and attract new homebuyers. We know based on data-driven demographics that the most likely people to buy homes are those with families. Thus when an HOA looks to add landscape enhancements they should prioritize those additions that will be valued by families. Well-landscaped parks with jungle gyms and seating are a good start. So are large patios that act as common areas where families can host events like birthday parties and reunions. Families also appreciate an area that feels safe and well-lit, so lighting could be another option. Last but not least, you should go heavy on the pretty plant material for the kids, with splashes of every color you can manage.


Irrigation: Essential Investment for Green Grass

The second most important piece of landscape care behind family-oriented enhancements is lawn care. Everyone knows that routine mowing and edging will keep things looking tailored, but what about the color? This is where the addition of nutrients comes into play. Annual fertilization treatments are a good start, but the real investment to make is an irrigation system. Because there’s so much turf in most neighborhoods, an irrigation system is the only efficient way to disperse the water your HOA needs throughout your turf expanses. 


Young Neighborhoods Need Trees

While this tip is more specific to those HOA’s on the younger side, it is applicable to all. Large plant material is just as important as small plant material, especially if you want to be an established and respected neighborhood in the future. Lining the middle and outside of roadways with trees is a great place to start, as eventually, you will have a luxurious drive that also adds an element of privacy that luxury homeowners love. Trees also contribute to the local environment by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen. Benefit both the HOA and the environment with a tree investment. 


Your landscaping is the first thing noticed by your visitors, friends, and customers. Let OakLawn Landscaping ensure that your first impressions are top-notch and have your guests in awe before they even reach the door. Visit our website, or contact us today at (301) 854-0684 for any of your landscaping needs, commercial or residential.


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