It is no secret that every landscape needs a splash of color in order to attract attention. If you think back to the blandest landscapes you have ever observed, a lack of color likely comes to mind. With that being said, the installation of colorful and exciting plant material is a must. One way to choose your selection is through the lens of native plant material. Native plants are always superior to traditional plants, as they are already hospitable to the local area. They will inherently require less maintenance, which conserves resources, and improves landscape sustainability. Additionally, they will attract local pollinators, like butterflies and bees. As you already need to install colorful plant material, why not consider some of these Maryland native wildflowers?

native black eyed susan wildflowers

Black-Eyed Susan

The first native wildflower we will discuss today is the state flower of Maryland, if that shows you how prominent it is in the local area. These are perennial daisies that are members of the sunflower family. As you would expect they bloom bright yellow, with a dark brown center. As wildflowers, they are found across Maryland from fields to the side of the road. Bloom can be expected from May to September, and height will reach 2 to 3 feet. They are a beautiful choice for any local property

Eastern Columbine

As a hanging red flower that does best in the partial shade, this wildflower is found on steep slopes and natural soils. Bloom can be expected from April to June, designating this flower as a perennial. It requires very little maintenance and can grow to be roughly 30 inches. Eastern columbine is known for its propensity to grow well in the shade, making it a gorgeous wildflower option for your landscape.

Cardinal Flower

Growing 2 to 4 feet in height at maturity, the namesake of this native wildflower comes from its rampant red rosettes that provide bright color to your landscape. Every year of survival the rosette gets larger, creating bushy red foliage. It also attracts local wildlife like butterflies and bees. It is often found in the wild along with Black-Eyed Susan, so pairing the two in a garden is a good idea. Bloom is from July to September and does best in the shade.

Foxglove Beardtongue

This plant is a perennial member of the snapdragon family. Unlike previously mentioned plants, this wildflower does best in the full sun and grows to three feet at maturity. Bloom is white from late May through June. Its primary quality is hardiness, as it grows well in every soil condition and moisture level. It will need some maintenance, but you can expect beautiful flowers for your landscape.


Although this is a wildflower, it requires well-drained soil to grow effectively. Height can reach up to four feet, especially when planted in the sun. It will attract a diverse range of pollinators, and produce a light purple flower. Bloom will be in late summer, typically from July to August. For a small perennial in the mint family, bergamot is a solid choice.


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