Planting Flowers: Top Tips From The Pros

As a commercial landscaping company, we pride ourselves on being experts in the maintenance and enhancement of commercial landscapes. While performing these services is one half of the job, the other half is our relationship with clients, consulting them on how best to utilize their landscape for commercial purposes. Driving in new business is essential, Read More

Springtime Lawn Care For Commercial Properties

In the world of commercial property management, the lawn is the crown jewel of the landscape. It is the staple of the outdoor space and provides the first impression of property quality to visitors and passersby. An essential judgment will be made that could determine if someone spends their time or money on your property. Read More

Tree Trimming in Winter: Wait for Spring or Fall?

Maintenance services are the cornerstone of any landscape. This level of general upkeep keeps the landscape looking uniform, which maintains a positive first impression for visitors and improves curb appeal for those looking to do business. It must be done for each piece of the landscape, including turf, plants, shrubs, and even trees. Trees? Yes, Read More

It’s Time For A Mulch Makeover!

Do you manage a commercial property? We hope so, as our blogs are specifically targeted at you. Of course, anyone can find value in learning about landscaping, but our goal is to help property managers prepare their properties to add more business. These property managers manage apartment complexes, office parks, medical, and senior living facilities Read More

Why OakLawn Is The Best Choice

As a commercial property manager, it can be tough to sift through the many bids you received from commercial landscaping companies to service your property. Rather than sell you the idea that you need a company “like” OakLawn, we thought we would be more straightforward. We are a full-service commercial landscaping company with engaged management Read More

Stay Safe This Winter With Snow Removal From OakLawn

Winter is nearly over, but we promise the weather is not. All the way through the spring, the temperature is sure to be low, and we would guess that there are a few more snowstorms on the way. For commercial properties, these snowfalls can be bothersome and even debilitating when they shut down the property. Read More

Behind The Scenes: HOA Landscape Care

When you think of commercial property types, there are many obvious categories that come to mind. Office parks are prominent, as are medical and senior living facilities. Just like all of the aforementioned properties, industrial locations also need landscape maintenance. However, one of the commercial property types that are often overlooked is very different in Read More

New Year Landscaping Tips

Have you ever heard the phrase, “new year, new me?” This is generally a reference to the commitment everyone makes moving into a new year to move forward, be better, and become refreshed. It sounds like a good aspiration and something we believe you should try to embody in your landscape as well. The year Read More

Safety Tips When It Comes To Snow and Ice

Last month we published a blog discussing how snow removal services can make your property safer. This is all great, but simple snow removal in your parking lots and ice melting on your walkways is not an absolute solution. It still takes best practices being put into place by property management, staff, and visitors that Read More

2023 Landscaping Trends to Think About Going into the New Year

It is true that we service both commercial and residential properties, but there are some distinct differences between the two. However, today is not the day to discuss those differences. We do not want to leave anyone out for this one, so this will be a commentary on one of the similarities shared by every Read More

How To Best Assist Your Landscape Company

As a local landscaping partner, our job is to help you. This is why we put so much effort into being a trustworthy and reliable company because we know how much trust you put into us. Through some of the partnerships that we have formed over our many years of both commercial and residential landscape Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Proper Tree Care

There could easily be a lengthy series of debates held by the top landscaping professionals in the world on what the most important piece of your landscape is. Some would say the lawn, making the claim that the first impression is key to property success. Others might wager that the flowers are the most important, Read More

3 Advantages of Adding Decorative Rock to Your Landscape

When considering how to keep your landscape looking good, maintenance is the first thing to come to mind. Making sure the grass is cut, the trees are trimmed, and flowers are watered. However, the next thing you might think is that your landscape has become boring. This may be because you have not updated it Read More

Hardscape vs Softscape

Landscaping is so much more than meets the eye. To many times, it is overlooked, and something that the gardener just takes care of. The design process is ignored, and everyone just assumes that these picturesque landscapes come together on their own. This is not true of course, and any experienced gardener or landscaper understands Read More

Snow Removal: Make Your Property Safe for Employees, Customers, and Guest

If there is one thing you can be sure about in November on the Atlantic coast, it is the fact that winter is coming. Although the winter solstice is not yet upon us, the harsh cold is. When this cold begins, the precipitation that happens throughout the year does not stop, it simply changes form. Read More

The Lowest Bid Isn’t Always the Right Bid

Unlike many of the companies that exist today, especially those big box landscapers, we like our clients to be informed. We do not have an army of staff to hold you hostage on a customer service line once we have gone back on our word or performed poor work. At the end of the day, Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Stump Removal

Let us throw a quick curveball your way. Some of the biggest pieces of your landscape are actually some of the most important, both to the environment and your curb appeal. Such a huge surprise right? Well, you would be surprised to hear how overlooked trees are as an object to be maintained. Sometimes, this Read More

Dead Grass vs Dormant Grass: What is the Difference?

Every property owner knows how integral the quality of their lawn is to the public perception of the property. We work with properties that host Triple Crown events, like the Preakness Stakes, so this is no joke. Turf that is decayed, or even dead can cause potential customers of a retail center to turn away, Read More

Ways to Prepare Your Landscape for the Winter

When the weather turns, so do the needs of your property. Rather than protecting your landscape from the heat of the summer, it is now the cold of the winter. Instead of a summer sale, there are deals for the holiday season. The wintertime is a time of celebration and cheer, but also a time Read More

Benefits Of A Clear And Clean Yard

The quality of the property that an individual is stepping foot on will largely determine whether or not that person makes a purchase or not. This is especially true on properties where the client is deciding whether or not they want to live or work there. Properties like apartment complexes and office parks must make Read More

Top Mistakes Made When Trimming and Pruning Your Trees & Shrubs

As a full-service landscaping company, so often we take over the management of properties that have not been properly cared for. This is nothing to be ashamed of, and as a local business, we understand the desire to save money and DIY. Oftentimes these DIY landscapes are totally fine in a few different categories, like Read More

Increase Curb Appeal with Quality Landscaping

Our primary clients are commercial property managers and owners. These individuals care greatly about their landscape, and for good reason. The quality itself can be a determining factor for individuals spending their money at their place of business. Better-looking landscapes are going to drive in more revenue, and a shoddy landscape is going to be Read More

4 Trendy Types Of Landscape Edging

Keeping a uniform-looking landscape is half the battle in property maintenance. Your landscape does not necessarily need to be filled with expensive enhancements and complex installation, it can simply be clean. If you keep up with general landscaping maintenance, like mowing, pruning, and fertilization, there are a few small investments you can make that will Read More

What Is Core Aeration and It’s Benefits?

  For many landscaping services, it can be difficult to describe exactly how it benefits your property. Many of the benefits are purely aesthetic and fall into the category of personal preference. This is simply not the case when it comes to lawn care, as most lawn care services are primed to enable the healthier Read More