There could easily be a lengthy series of debates held by the top landscaping professionals in the world on what the most important piece of your landscape is. Some would say the lawn, making the claim that the first impression is key to property success. Others might wager that the flowers are the most important, providing beauty and color for guests. We would bet that there are also those landscapers who would say it is the large plant material like shrubs and trees that provide the foundational structure for the landscape. This is actually true, and tree care specifically is something that is often overlooked by property owners. Here is everything you need to know about proper tree care.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

This is likely the most well-known tree care service and for good reason. Trees are not immune from disease and pests, and oftentimes these can be prime causes of decay. Sometimes this decay is unexplainable and is just there. In either case, decay must be removed so as to not spread to other parts of the tree. Furthermore, there are often aesthetic reasons to remove foliage. Giving the tree a better shape, or directing the tree away from a structure. When you remove any foliage, especially that of decayed material, it signals to the tree that it needs to replace the removed areas with new, healthy growth. This is why trimming and pruning need to be performed routinely, to keep the foliage healthy.

Tree Fertilization

Bringing us right into our next section, trees need more than just the removal of decayed areas to spur new growth. The chemical processes occurring within the tree itself need to be fed in order to happen. While any healthy tree should have a deep root system that gathers nutrients from the soil, this is not always the case. If you want to make sure that your tree has ample nutrients to grow, then fertilization is a great option. We will say that it is optional for perfectly healthy and mature trees, but any tree showing problem signs should be boosted with fertilizer. Additionally, fertilization is a must for newly installed trees, used in combination with water as they establish.

Powdery mildew on foliage of Acer tataricum or Tatarian maple.

Tree Treatments

Sometimes even with your best efforts, it is possible that your tree may take on a disease, or pest infestation. If this is the case, there are treatments that must be performed to rid the tree of the issue. These are post-emergent control options, reserved for cases where the tree cannot heal itself, or be motivated by fertilization and watering. The key here is to make sure that a professional arbor care team like ours at OakLawn is performing the treatment, as this is not a service that you can DIY. 

Routine Tree Inspections

In the same vein, you need to make sure that your trees are being looked at on a routine basis. Because of the many potential issues that can arise, it is best to have an arborist checking the tree out and ideally catching any issues early. The earlier they are caught, the simpler the treatment process, and the healthier your tree.

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