Let us throw a quick curveball your way. Some of the biggest pieces of your landscape are actually some of the most important, both to the environment and your curb appeal. Such a huge surprise right? Well, you would be surprised to hear how overlooked trees are as an object to be maintained. Sometimes, this leads to disease and decay taking over. Left long enough, this will surely result in the death of the tree. If the tree itself is removed after death due to being a safety hazard, it will leave behind a stump. This stump will then sit on your property like an eyesore. We know exactly what you are thinking, here is everything you need to know about stump removal.

Everything You Need to Know About Stump Removal

What and Why? Stump Removal

We want to cover both what stump removal is, and why it would be needed. The primary reason is that tree removal is so easy. Although you might think that you can do whatever you want on your own property, this is only true down to the stump. Tree removal affects nothing but the tree while dealing with a stump connected to an underground root system is a different story. Stump removal is an entirely separate arbor care process and service. It requires the consultation of a professional as you might even need to comply with local regulations on the topic.

Stump Removal Considerations 

With the intense nature of stump removal, there can be a lot to think about in terms of damage to your property. You must debate whether it is even required at all. Sometimes a stump is simply a hindrance to the aesthetics, and other times it is diseased and ready to go. Pulling up a stump means pulling up a root system, tons of dirt, and turf. You must be prepared to repair this area, and not all stump removals are able to be performed as cleanly as one would like. This is just the nature of the service, so make sure it is a need.

Alternatives: Stump GrindingEverything You Need to Know About Stump Removal

Another way many people like to tackle the issue of stump removal is with stump grinders. Instead of pulling out the base, pulling up the turf, and damaging the lawn, a stump grinder will grind down the stump to the floor. Many property owners like to use stump grinders as a DIY option, without professional supervision. This can be extremely hit or miss, as you never know if the stump grinder will work or not. It can lead to an uneven yard, root rot, and become a hazard to walkers on the property. We do not recommend stump grinding and would have you consult a true arborist for your best options. 

Utilize a Professional

If we have one piece of advice when it comes to stump removal, it is to consult a professional. Stump removal can be a large investment, and should not be taken lightly. To be done right it requires commercial-grade equipment and the guidance of experienced arborists. Let our team at OakLawn know if this sounds like something you may be interested in. 

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