The harsh cold of winter in Maryland is tough to avoid, especially as a landscaper. Putting a damper on most landscaping activities, you can also expect dormancy as temperatures dip below freezing. This may seem like primetime to sit back and relax, taking some time away from your property. However, commercial property management is a competitive market, and getting ahead of the competition is not going to happen if you are not active in your landscape. When other properties are allowing themselves to become unkempt, you should utilize winter to ensure that you are ripe and ready for the following year. In the past, we are sure you have questioned the efficiency of taking on landscaping tasks in the winter, but here are a few ways you can keep up with your landscape through the cold.


Clean Up and Remove Debris

It is more than likely that through the course of the year your property accumulated various trash and debris. This can create anything from a minor eyesore, to a trash heap that is in urgent need of being taken care of. Either way, inspecting your property for the potential presence of this debris and utilizing it in the proper manner will do you well. Organic matter can be used to create a compost pile, which can benefit the growth of your turf and plant material. Additionally, many people let leaves build up on their lawn, which can be harmful to your turf when left sitting. Remove leaves along with debris, and see how a cleaner property can make a significant difference.


Mulch Refresh

Before the first freeze of the season, try to install new mulch if you have not anytime recently. Mulch should be refreshed every year or two, and if it has been any longer, you are not getting the benefits you should be. Organic mulch especially provides very functional use cases, as it prevents soil compaction, protects your plants, and keeps weeds from spreading. As mulch decomposes, the organic material provides beneficial nutrients to your soil. Furthermore, one thing that you can do in the cold, is install decorative rock in the same fashion as mulch. Looking great atop your plant beds, you will not get the same organic nutrients, but soil compaction and weed growth will still be prevented. Typically an item on your spring to-do list, getting mulch replacement done during the winter will put you ahead of the pack.

Keep Up with Trimming and Pruning

Another great route to take as it gets cold, is to find a relatively warm day, and have your shrubs and trees pruned. Removing decaying foliage does wonders for the aesthetic of your landscape, while also priming plant material for healthy growth come spring. It is an even easier task in the winter, as the leaves are gone and no longer a hindrance. Focus on the removal of the most dead foliage, as new growth will take its place. The look of your property will be pristine as the structure created by your shrubs and trees will look professionally maintained. Leave this up to the arborists at OakLawn, and you can ensure the long-term health of your plant material.


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