Have you ever heard the phrase, “new year, new me?” This is generally a reference to the commitment everyone makes moving into a new year to move forward, be better, and become refreshed. It sounds like a good aspiration and something we believe you should try to embody in your landscape as well. The year can be full of clutter, and stress, with the new year giving you a chance to reset. What might once have been a pristine landscape could be a mess. Often this occurs naturally and is the fault of nobody in particular. However, if you want to get back to an impressive landscape, these are some new year landscaping tips for 2023.


Property Cleanup

The best way to hit the reset button is with property cleanup. All sorts of debris can dirty the property, from trash to leaves and sticks. Not only are these pieces of debris hard to look at, taking away from your curb appeal, but they are also hazardous to the health of your landscape. Leaves trap moisture that disease, pests, and weeds love to feast on. These are all issues you want to steer clear of, and oftentimes the best way to do so is with a simple combination of cleanliness and maintenance. Getting a property cleanup will give your landscape a new coat of paint, ready to be decorated for the new year.


Trimming and Pruning

In terms of specific parts of your landscape that can look disheveled after a long winter, large plant material is number one. The reason why is clear, because trees and shrubs are very big and very noticeable. Over the course of time your plant material may grow rapidly, but not in the way you would like. Limbs can crossover, or take on decay due to disease. This decay can even spread if left unchecked. The solution is to engage in trimming and pruning services, which will not only remove the potentially dangerous foliage but give your plant material a uniform look for the rest of the year. This is an essential service that trees and shrubs require anyway, so why not get it done early and maximize the effects?


Mulching: Restore or Replace

Whether it be from foot traffic and children playing, or severe weather with high winds, there are many reasons why mulch can be displaced. In an ideal world, mulch will be kept in a designated area with edging. However, you might take a look at your property this winter and see bark or wood chips strewn about. If it has been less than a year since your last mulch installation, you can probably get by simply restoring the mulch to the proper area. If it has been longer than a year, you should consider a mulch replacement. We all know the benefits mulch can provide, and you need it working for you. Keeping weeds out, insulating soil, and preventing soil erosion, mulch does it all. 


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