The goal of any landscaping effort, no matter the property type, is to beautify. Increasing the curb appeal of the property as a whole, commercial clients hope to attract new business with a revamped landscape, and homeowners look to wow visitors and neighbors alike. Staying up to date on current trends is an important part of the landscaping, staying in season, literally and figuratively. One property type that must always remain up to date, with competition always sprouting up, is Homeowners Associations. These properties are a hybrid of residential and commercial focus, essentially a commercial property consisting of residential homes. Maintaining the landscape across the neighborhood is vital to attracting new buyers, and keeping the environment lush and lively. New developments are always springing up, so competition is fierce, which may have you rethinking your HOA landscape for 2022. Here are a few of the ways you can do that, and get a leg up on your competitors.

Rethink Your Front Entrance: First Impressions Count

The first area of your HOA landscape that we will discuss, is also the first part of your landscape that anyone will see. This area draws the eye, and ideally new homeowners. Your front entrance is the first impression anyone will get of your neighborhood and should encompass what you are trying to represent. An upscale community should look regal, with signage, and flowering accenting the entrance. Homes for new families should be represented with bright colors and a friendly atmosphere. Consider installing new flowers, a fresh layer of mulch, shrubs, or even an irrigation system to keep the turf at your entrance, as green as can be.

Sustainable Landscaping Efforts: Environmentally Efficient

One of the most common landscaping trends in 2021 was a focus on increasing landscape sustainability. This is all about reducing resource consumption and minimizing the need for irrigation, or chemicals. Installing native plant material is a great way to do this, as they will be low maintenance and local to the area. Additionally, these plants are more likely to attract local wildlife, livening your property. Reducing the amount of turf on your property is another great idea, as they are so underused in comparison to the water they consume. The less maintenance required in your landscape, the less money comes out of your pocket.

Outdoor Community Common Areas

In the era of social distancing and a focus on outdoor gatherings, a community common area is a perfect amenity to offer residents. With the ability to host friends and family, a birthday party, or just to gather on a nice day, your landscaper can make this happen. Hardscaped patios are great for hosting, but make sure to integrate seating, and flowers to accent the area. Shrubs can provide privacy to the area if need be. The point is, get creative with your design, but well-landscaped outdoor spaces are all the rave in 2022.

Install an Irrigation System

Although this may seem counterintuitive when faced with our recommendation to conserve resources, and irrigation system actually does just that. It is more than likely that your HOA landscape possesses large expanses of turf, which must be watered to stay green. Most commercial properties greatly overwater their properties, oftentimes with coverage of areas, like hardscapes, that do not even need watering. Smart irrigation systems fix this by utilizing weather data and automation technology to provide your property with the proper amount of water. Likely saving you money, and decreasing your water usage, this is a must-have for any HOA.


Your landscaping is the first thing noticed by your visitors, friends, and customers. Let OakLawn Landscaping ensure that your first impressions are top notch and have your guests in awe before they even reach the door. Visit our website, or contact us today at (301) 854-0684 for any of your landscaping needs, commercial or residential.

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