If there is one thing you can be sure about in November on the Atlantic coast, it is the fact that winter is coming. Although the winter solstice is not yet upon us, the harsh cold is. When this cold begins, the precipitation that happens throughout the year does not stop, it simply changes form. It changes into the form we celebrated as children every time it would fall; snow. Gone are the days of snowfall meaning a day off school, a snowstorm now means a day off work. That day off work is one less day of profit, one more day of operating cost, and one less day of safety. Snow removal services are essential for commercial properties for this reason and many others. Here is how you can utilize snow removal to keep your property operational and improve the safety of everyone involved. 

Snow Removal SafetySafety: Employees, Customers, and Guests

As with quite literally anything else we do for your property, the priority has to be safety. When snow falls and covers your parking lots, it creates a hazard for all those driving a vehicle onto the property. Employees trying to make their shift on time, customers looking to make a purchase, and guests using your lot as a meeting place. In any case, there are a variety of risks when snow and ice cover the area from car accidents, to a slip and fall. All contain the possibility of injury, with additional risk on walkways. Beyond the areas where vehicles operate, walkways covered in ice are prone to cause bruises and breaks. Avoid the potential for any safety hazard with snow removal, as our team will be on-site to plow and apply salt to melt the ice.

Improved Landscape Curb Appeal

We discussed safety first, and that is because it truly is the most important. However, we cannot ignore the aesthetic benefits of snow removal. After all, your commercial property does exist to drive in revenue, while a residential property owner would love to impress the neighbors. When your property is cleared with the speed and efficiency possible only with a commercial company, passersby will be impressed. They are exponentially more likely to be drawn in and make a purchase or come to the door to offer a compliment. Not caring what others think is an admirable quality, but often a necessary one in the landscaping game.


Recoup Profit with Extended Hours

Specific to commercial properties, the downtime during a snowfall does not change the cost of your overhead. Sure some employees might not make it in, and thus not be paid, but rent, utilities, and taxes still cost the same amount. This means that when your property is snowed in and unused, you are losing out on profit to help your bottom line. When you have a commercial snow removal company like OakLawn on call to solve this problem, it will never be a problem again. Your property will be cleared at the earliest possible time, and you will be one of the first to open in your sector.

Your landscaping is the first thing noticed by your visitors, friends, and customers. Let OakLawn Landscaping ensure that your first impressions are top-notch and have your guests in awe before they even reach the door. Visit our website, or contact us today at (301) 854-0684 for any of your landscaping needs, commercial or residential.


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