Every year commercial property managers come to us looking for a way to enhance their property and attract new business. While we always keep with the trends and ensure that our team is well versed in the newest innovations in the landscaping industry, there are some timeless ways to do this. Every landscape needs to be consistently updated to retain attention, and this especially rings true with plant material. Keeping the same boring perennials in your plant beds year after year will not draw in visitors. While every property needs perennial plants to thrive, annual plants will provide a pop of color, and can be rotated every season. Although this may seem excessive, we promise that the benefits outway the cost. Here are those benefits of annual flower rotation on your commercial property.

Annual Flower Garden

New Color Every Season of the Year

The primary aesthetic benefit of annual flowers is the ability to have fresh colors in each season of the year. Compared to other plants, annual flowers go through their full life cycle in one season rather than an entire year like a perennial. This means that you can get them in and out, taking advantage of the bloom, then replacing them with a new annual and new bloom. Creative freedom is at its pinnacle with annual flowers, allowing your commercial landscape design team to come up with striking combinations and eye-catching compositions. Rather than relying on the same boring plant material, your curb appeal is sure to skyrocket when you rotate annuals.

Mitigating Risk: Keeping Out Pests and Disease

This might sound senseless, but annual flowers actually keep pests and diseases out of your landscape. Not only are many annual plants themselves more resistant to pests and disease, but the small amount of time they spend on your property also keeps them from being victimized. Being in and out of your landscape in one season, pests and diseases do not have the time to attack. You also have the freedom to make a point in selecting those resistant annuals to ensure your lawn is well defended. Annuals are typically easy to care for, which means little maintenance can lead to great protection.

Annual Flowers Enhance Soil Quality

Another functional benefit of adding annual flowers to your property is their ability to improve the quality of your soil. More flowers in the same soil enhance the biodiversity of the soil, which lessens the need for fertilizer and other artificial nutrient addition. Your soil becomes more self-sustaining as so many different plant varieties have lived within it. Each differing root structure contributes to this, as the soil learns how to cater to each plant. Different plants take different nutrients from your soil, so rotating annuals also decreases the risk of soil depletion of any one nutrient. By the time a plant variety is replanted, nutrients have had ample time to replenish. This practice is commonly used in the agricultural industry, as all the same concepts ring true for crop rotation. Annual flower rotation makes for an overall more balanced and healthier soil composition.


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