The importance of your turf within the purview of your landscape cannot be overstated. As the first impression of your property, it plays a vital piece in your efforts to improve curb appeal. Thus a focus on keeping your lawn green is nothing to be ashamed of and should be prioritized. This is especially true for commercial properties, as the quality of their landscape, and lawn plays a part in attracting business and tenants. Lush and green, a good-looking lawn can be the perfect attention grab. Unfortunately, this will not happen without effort, as simply mowing and edging will not suffice. There are supplementary services required to achieve a pristine lawn, let alone maintain it. One of those services is aeration, which is commonly done in tandem with overseeding. In this blog, we will spell out the importance of these services, as well as the timeline you should aerate and over-seed your lawn.

lawn aeration chartWhat are Aeration and Overseeding?

We are never going to tell you that a service is needed on your property, and not tell you what it is, and why. Soil compaction is a common landscaping issue, caused by foot traffic, thatch, or tough soil. When soil is compacted, oxygen and water cannot get to the roots of your turf or plant material. Aeration alleviates this issue, pulling out small pieces of soil to open up airflow and nutrient traffic. Each piece pulled out is referred to as a “core”, and thousands are pulled during the process. Overseeding is much simpler, as you apply lawn seed atop a freshly aerated lawn, where the holes provide an opening for deep soil penetration. This seed application makes for new and healthy growth, right after the service.

Benefits of Aerating and Overseeding

As debris and dead organic material build up on top of your soil, blockage begins to prevent nutrient spread. This can really hinder the growth of your plant material and turf. The material present is also a breeding ground for disease and great food for pests. So, not only does aeration assist in growth, it helps prevent potential problems. Overseeding can then be done to bare areas, dead spots, or anywhere where you want new growth. There may not be a better landscaping service duo in the industry. To aerate and overseed is a perfect pairing, going together like peanut butter and jelly.

Timing and Application of Aeration Services

a hand with grass seed

Now that we have gone over the benefits and necessity of aeration and overseeding for lanes of every size, we must do our due diligence and provide our professional recommendation for application. You want to maximize the benefits that these services provide your property, and so does our team. The two best times to aerate your lawn in Maryland, are in the early spring, and early fall. This is because the springtime is a time for new growth, and soil compaction is worsened through the freeze of the winter. In the fall, aeration does great for pushing your lawn through the winter, dampening the severity of the inevitable winter soil compaction. Consult our team at OakLawn for more personalized recommendations on when to aerate and overseed based on your property.


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