Every landscape is a composition of many separate but complex parts. Great-looking landscapes are a combination of these parts, from turf to flowers. However, one aspect of an aesthetically pleasing landscape that is often overlooked provides foundational structure and symmetry to your property. Trees are the largest form of plant material within your landscape, and even with their size, they are often forgotten. Thought to be completely self-sustaining many individuals forget the vital role they play in both landscaping, and more importantly the environment. Providing oxygen for human use, trees must be maintained and taken care of just like the rest of your plant material. In this blog, we are going to discuss the importance of tree services on your commercial property.

tree pruning close upTree Pruning: Make Room for Healthy Growth

While it is easy to take a look at your beautiful tree and walk away, someday you may notice overgrown foliage or decaying material. The misconception occurs in thinking that this unhealthy growth will simply go away or alleviate on its own. If you want your tree to continue looking great, you need to engage in tree pruning services. This is the process of removing diseased or decayed limbs in order to promote their replacement with new, healthy growth. There are many benefits to this process, both functional and aesthetic. It improves the health of the tree by preventing the spread of said disease or decay. Aesthetically it allows for reshaping of a tree, especially if the material is growing in an undesirable direction towards a structure. Removal of this decayed material also improves the look of the tree simply by being removed. Finally, your tree becomes that much safer as dead limbs are the most at risk to fall during high wind or a storm. Pruning keeps your tree healthy, visitors safe, and stress levels low.

hands holding fertilizer Tree Fertilization: Direct Nutrient Addition

Just like every other piece of plant material, the root systems of trees gather nutrients in order to grow. Additionally, the large size of trees means that the amount of nutrients they need is equally as large. Thus, the fertilization process for trees is very similar to that of other trees and plant materials. The nutrients present in tree fertilizer act to optimize the efficiency of the chemical processes within your trees that motivate growth. There are so many threats that trees face on a yearly basis, from disease to pests. Improved tree health is the best defense against these predators, which tree fertilization fosters. As your trees are a long-term investment in your landscape, you hope for them to grow to maturity and stick around for a few decades. Fertilization promotes long-term health and root development which increases resilience to the stressors of mother nature.

stump removal picture Tree and Stump Removal: The Unfortunate Reality

Even with active pruning and fertilization, trees can still die. When this happens, removal from your property is the safest bet for both aesthetic and safety purposes. This should only be performed by a professional, like our team at OakLawn. We can safely remove your tree or stump, freeing up the space for future use. This also prevents the potential for the cause of your tree decay to spread to the rest of your landscape. For comprehensive arborist services, OakLawn is always the way to go.


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