Many lawn care companies spend an exorbitant amount of time discussing the additional services you need to maintain healthy turf. Things like fertilization or aeration are often talked about, but this leads to an overlooking of the fundamentals. Every lawn needs to be mowed, whether it be professional, commercial, or residential DIY. There are intricacies to the process, as cutting turf can be involved and tailored to the area. For example, mowing is infrequent in drier areas, and vice versa. In Maryland, we get a relatively large amount of rainfall, with 59 inches of rain per year. This leads to wet conditions, which affect the mowing process. Mowing wet grass presents an entirely different outlook, and many often question if you can cut wet grass. Here we will discuss the ins and outs of cutting wet grass, preparing you for the possibility.

OakLawn Truck in front of fresh cut grassYes: Wet Grass Can be Mowed

To answer the question posed by the blog without much controversy, wet grass can in fact be cut. It is to be avoided if possible, but that is not always the case in Maryland. Moist grass clippings can be an issue, and dry grass is much easier to cut. However, if time is of the essence there are a few precautions you should take when doing so.

Equipment in Order: Blades Must be Sharpened

The biggest key in mowing your grass when it is wet is that your equipment must be properly prepared. On a mower specifically, this means that the blades should be as sharp as they can be. Dull blades already make for an uneven cut when the grass is dry, but this is amplified when conditions are worsened by excess moisture. Your commercial lawn provider will surely be performing this maintenance on a regular basis, but ensure you do this on your own if you take care of your own lawn.

Raised Blade: Conservative Cut

Another best practice associated with your blade is to raise it when cutting wet grass. The closer to the ground that your blade is getting, the less margin for error and the harder the cut is on your turf. When you raise your blades, the likelihood of a clean-cut increases. Many cool-season types of grass are already cut too short, so one conservative mow is likely great for your lawn.

Do Not Bag: Eject Clippings

Clumping grass is a big problem when mowing a wet yard, as the grass is moist and sticky. If grass gets too clumped as you are mowing, it can get stuck under the mower and stop the blade. This issue can be avoided by ejecting clippings back out onto the yard, rather than attempting to bag or simply leaving clippings underneath.

Potential Problems when Cutting Wet Grass

Although wet grass can be cut, it should not be when the option is available to cut it dry. Uneven cuts and damage to your mower are all a possibility, as well as the spread of disease is enhanced in wet grass. Slipping and sliding around can also be hazardous. If you get the chance to, avoid these problems and have your lawn cut when it is dry.


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