When the weather turns, so do the needs of your property. Rather than protecting your landscape from the heat of the summer, it is now the cold of the winter. Instead of a summer sale, there are deals for the holiday season. The wintertime is a time of celebration and cheer, but also a time of hibernation. When people are staying inside and keeping warm, this is the time to advance the interests of your property. Namely by keeping your landscape intact through the winter, so that spring can be the season to impress. This can be done with just a few simple tips to prepare your landscape for the winter.

Winterize Irrigation Systems

Located right on the coast, and not southward enough that we experience year-round warmth, you can be sure that winter will be cold. When that happens, your irrigation system is at risk. Excess water can freeze inside pipes, causing cracking and damage that could permanently impact your investment. Rather than take the risk, winterizing your system is pretty easy. Just insulate any openings with plastic bags or insulation tape, as well as clear the system out by spraying away excess water before turning it off.

Get Snow Removal Services Situated

There are limitless benefits to professional snow removal services. If you are a commercial property owner, there really is no alternative. Are you going to let your property stay inaccessible and unsafe for a week? No, you will not, and you certainly will not be plowing yourself. Having a dependable and experienced team on call that can perform snow removal with commercial-grade equipment at a rapid pace will open up your property sooner to continue driving revenue. It will also keep you away from any liability associated with injury due to a slip or fall. The only thing is that snow removal is in high demand so it is better to be safe than sorry.

One Last Fall Fertilization

Another necessity to keep your landscape healthy through the winter is to focus on the lawn. Depending on your lawn type, your turf may be entering dormancy during the winter months. Fertilizing right before fall will give your turf nutrients to store through this hibernation, and continue root development. Your lawn is the centerpiece of your landscape, commercial or residential, and needs to be treated as such.

Mulch for Insulation

There are many benefits to adding mulch to a landscape, but there is one in particular that comes in handy during the summer and winter. Mulch acts as insulation for your roots within the soil, retaining moisture in the summer, but also keeping the heat in during the winter. It is this heat that will keep your soil from dipping to unhealthy temperatures for your turf. Not to mention that mulch is a superior landscape enhancement, both aesthetically and functionally. 

Your landscaping is the first thing noticed by your visitors, friends, and customers. Let OakLawn Landscaping ensure that your first impressions are top-notch and have your guests in awe before they even reach the door. Visit our website, or contact us today at (301) 854-0684 for any of your landscaping needs, commercial or residential.


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