Maintenance services are the cornerstone of any landscape. This level of general upkeep keeps the landscape looking uniform, which maintains a positive first impression for visitors and improves curb appeal for those looking to do business. It must be done for each piece of the landscape, including turf, plants, shrubs, and even trees. Trees? Yes, even trees need routine maintenance. Namely, they need to be fertilized on occasion, and more importantly, trimmed. In this blog, we will overview tree trimming, including what it is and whether it should be done in the spring, fall, or winter.


What is Tree Trimming?

Also referred to as pruning, tree trimming is the process of removing unwanted foliage from the plant material to further strengthen the tree. This can be done for a variety of reasons, but typically for the health of the tree. There are many potential causes of disease that a tree can experience, such as pests and fungi. This can cause branches to decay and rot, eventually dying. Removing these branches before the infestation can spread to the rest of the tree ensures the protection of the plant material as a whole. Pruning can also be used to direct the growth of the tree, especially if it is growing towards something sensitive like siding or an electrical box. This keeps the tree and your property out of harm’s way. 


Benefits of Tree Trimming

As we mentioned the primary benefits and purpose of tree trimming are health-centered. Trimming aims to remove dangerous foliage, and prevent it from becoming a problem. While tree health is important, people’s safety is even more important. When a piece of foliage is diseased, it is generally weakened. This means that it is susceptible to falling off the tree entirely in severe weather. The last thing you need is a stray tree branch flying at the visitors of your property. This can create liability if there is an injury, which could lead to a lawsuit. Trimming is also a good practice for the long-term health of the tree, as when the disease is removed it will be replaced with healthier growth. Over time of routine trimming, the tree begins to develop an affinity for healthy material and the defenses against disease.


Tree Trimming: Can You DIY?Tree Trimming in Winter: Wait for Spring or Fall?

The short answer to this question is no, tree trimming on large trees on your own is a dangerous task. It should only be performed by professional arbor care teams with the proper equipment and safety training to get the job done right. Leave it to a professional like OakLawn, and reap the benefits of healthier trees.


When to Trim Trees?

As the title of the blog suggests, there is a proper time of the year to have your trees trimmed. In general, it is believed that the best time in this area is winter. This is because pruning incites new growth, which spring is the best time for. The disease also thrives in warm weather, so you remove it before it gets the chance to attack.


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