There is a myriad of resources your landscape needs to survive, namely the nutrients that your roots feed upon. Water is one of those nutrients and a vital piece of growth for every living thing. Dispersing this water into your landscape can be a tough task, especially on a commercial property. This can often lead to overwatering, and inefficiencies that cost you and your property time and money. For years commercial property owners have been looking for ways to optimize their watering efforts, and as such irrigation systems have become increasingly prominent. Rather than lose money with spray and play sprinkler systems, modern irrigation technology has enabled data-driven and optimized irrigation. In case you haven’t been convinced, this is why your landscape needs an irrigation system.


front yard irrigation system

Commercial Properties: Prevent Overwatering

One of the largest costs associated with commercial property management, and more specifically commercial landscaping, is irrigation. Water is a huge expense when watering the expansive lawns possessed by many commercial properties. This leads to overwatering, which commercial properties do at an average excess of 50 percent. Occurring through improper coverage, and manual settings, water is lost while nothing is watered. Irrigation systems installed by Oaklawn can prevent this overwatering phenomenon, saving you money on your water bill that can be invested elsewhere in your landscape.

Proper Watering: Healthier Lawn and Landscape

As installing an irrigation system allows for better coverage and timing of your watering efforts, your plant material will be receiving the right amount of water. Not too much or too little, plants will be much healthier and more colorful. Additionally, this benefit will be seen across the entirety of your landscape, and in your turf. Healthier plant material means better-looking plant material, which does wonders for your curb appeal and draws attention to your property. An attractive lawn is a commodity, one that can be achieved through the installation of an irrigation system.

Convenient and Time-Saving

Not only do sprinkler systems and hoses provide unreliable results, but they also take important time out of your day to manage. High-tech irrigation systems have a variety of automation and settings that can be applied to keep things running smoothly, without much manual effort. As a commercial property manager, there are a million different things to be done at any given time, and irrigation should not be one. Saving your valuable time to contribute to your property, installation of an irrigation system just streamlines another process, a best management practice.

Environmental Contribution: Water Conservation

One great benefit of installing an irrigation system is the contribution to landscape sustainability. This is the idea that resource use and conservation should be prioritized within landscaping, not using in excess. Climate and environmental issues are at the forefront of the public space, and drought is an issue in many areas of the country. Along with saving time and money, you can feel good about your property as you make your environmental contribution. The less water used, the more leftover for others.


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